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MetsoDNA Configuration How-to

I have created these pages to help my students with their MetsoDNA projects. If you find any errors please email me! Also, please let me know if you would like to have something MetsoDNA related added here. I'd also like to hear if you work with MetsoDNA and happened to find something useful on these pages!

You can find the contents of this How-To in the link box on the left.

Also, you might be interested in my MetsoDNA FAQ pages!

Twelve Most Common Problems

  1. Where can I find function block X? Function blocks can be found under Fblocks1..3
  2. I need a logic (calculation, comparision) function block with n inputs. There are, however, only gates with 2, 3, 5 and 10 inputs! Use a block with excess inputs and just leave the inputs you do not need unconnected. If you need a block with more than ten inputs connect two or more blocks in paraller and/or series.
  3. I need a calculation (comparision) function block with only one input. There are, however, only blocks with two or more inputs available! Use a block with two inputs and just leave the inputs you do not need unconnected.
  4. Checking causes errors related to calculation or comparision function block formulas even though I'm sure they are made according to rules! Check that
    • you have used names like a, b, c, ... for the inputs and o or o1, o2, o3, ... for the outputs
    • you end the formula with a semicolon (;)
    • you do not use constant values (Constant left/right) at the inputs of the function block. If you do need a constant value in the formula, type it in the formula as a literal value, or connect a Constant left/right to ccoX function block input and connect its output to Calc/Cmp input.
    The formula can pe extended to more than one line. Semicolon is used to indicate the end of the formula. See also information on calc/cmp blocks
  5. How do I branch a connecting line? Draw - Dot (see Joining Crossing Lines below)
  6. I'm out of room. How do I get more? Create a page or change page size. See Page Functions below.
  7. How do I draw a connecting line from one page to another? Draw - Add reference (see Page Functions below).
  8. Module Check fails with error messages about missing connections even though all the connection lines are definately drawn as they should!
    Check that
    • nothing has bounced outside the visible area: View - Zoom All (return View - Select Page)
    • there are no broken lines (select one line at the time and see that the whole line becomes selected). Note the the lines have to be cut at the Dots!
    • there are no short pieces of lines on top of other lines or module frames (move each line and frame to check this, restore original position with Undo (press U).
  9. Module Check fails with error message X!
    • function block numbering - each and every function block in a module has to have a unique execution order number.
    • I/O module names and addresses - each and every I/O module has to have a unique name and address accross the whole system.
    • data type compatibility - data type is indicated by the color of the connecting point. Connected point colors have to match unless a Draw - specifier us used.
    • all the I/O module connection points have to be connected to something. cb interface points of a BOU8 card, for example, are commonly connected to an Interface. See General below.
    • Constant left/right cannot be used with Calc or Cmp function blocks. See #4 above!
  10. Module can not be saved to the repository. See the error message and act accordingly. Usually the error is about overlapping I/O addresses or non-unique I/O module names.
  11. module can not be donwloaded to the system! See the error message and act accordingly! More information is usually in Check Log (Logs - Check Log).
  12. Module can be saved and downloaded, but the changes I made to my application do not seem to have any effect!
    Check that
    1. you really understand the effect of your changes. use debugger or Test tool.
    2. the I/O rack has been switched to correspond to your PIC address.
    3. there are no "ghost modules" in the system using the same address as your module. This can be checked by reading process station error log with BsGUI while downloading the module. Ghost module name is shown in the log next to your module name. Delete ghost module from the system with DNAExplorer Upload/Download - Delete Functions from Environment.