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Requirement Specification

There must be at least one PID contol loop in the project with one analog measurement input and one analog control output! This is to have the deliverer group to learn how to implement a PID controller using PLC.

Even if PID control principle is familiar to you it is not so easy to implement a PID with a PLC for the first time. It is much more pleasant to learn it in a relatively stress-free environment than in the middle of real life project with your boss looking over your shoulder.

I/O space should lie within the following boundaries:

The Requirement Specification describes the ordered system extensively. The document includes but is not limited to following sections:

The orderer group is responsible for uploading the original Requirement Specification to Moodle. Send me an email when you have it saved and I'll check it and comment on it.

The deliverer group is responsible for updating the I/O list with I/O addresses and any other changes throughout the project.

Updated 13.9.2019

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